Certified Teachers

We have Different Professional certified teacher who has one or one more then different professional Skilled who has Worked Already in a Different Department, such as the government Department or higher education College and a private sector in a Different Professional skill.

Special Education

We offered 100+ practical and job oreanted courses with a professional certificate.

100% Practical Clases

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Online Clases

We are dilevring 50+ courses through online with discount fee.200+ students are taking classes through online

Why Join ACIT

AutoCAD College institute of technology Institute is committed to establish itself as a center of excellence in creating and distributing knowledge, and to share the knowledge with others for betterment of the mankind. Our aim is to provide the state-of-the-art training facilities that will enable our students to acquire hands-on experience, an acute requirement in the professional world. Our Vision is to lead on the educational front of the creative industry as the primary trendsetter and developing leaders in the industry capable of managing the huge change and challenges of the 21st century via creative solutions bringing Pakistan among the developed nations. The institute has big technical labs, Computer Lab, Furnished classrooms with multimedia; This College Runs under the Supervision of Highly Qualified Trainer, communication system, students from different cities of Pakistan are enjoying their education in AutoCAD College (institute of Technology) Pakistan.

Best Location

ACIT is Located at the main point of Pindi, Islambad Near Jinnal institute, punjab college and just 1 min away from 6th road metro station.

Regular/practical Classes

Our clases are 6 days in a week.We have advance machines for our pratical clases.

Certified Teachers

We trained our students under the supervision of highly qualified teachers.

Sufficient Classrooms

We have two advance computer lab, 1 engineering lab and 5 leacture classrooms.

Job Oreanted courses.

Our courses are 100% job oreanted and skills buldings.

Online Clases

Far a better accesblity we are dilevering online classes to our studients on Studient portal of our offical website.

About ACIT

AutoCAD college of information technalogy, Computer + Engineering Training Center, was established in 1999. ACIT offers training programs in areas of Information technology, Industrial Automation, Telecom, Management, Personal Development and vocational technical training leading to entrepreneurship. Our courses have been developed and refined to ensure that material presented is current and relevant that maximizes your return on investment in training. About ACIT consist of lectures and videos with ample time for hands on practice in labs and one on one time with the instructor. We ensure About SINA participants learn what they need to know to make their job easier and more productive.

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Job Oreanted Courses

We Offers Professional Computer Course such as given below

Syed Qasim Abbas Qasim/M Nadeem 30 seats 2 months

AutoCAD (2D,3D) full Course

AutoCAD is one of the leading drafting and commercial-aided design applications in the evolving IT sector. It is used across a wide range of sectors by Engineers, Architects, and project base Professional working in that software.

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Mr.Dolat Ali 30 seats 2 months


Start with the front-end by creating responsive and attractive web designs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then, master the back-end and APIs to round out your full-stack skills. We are teaching latest and most popular technologies. At the end of the course you will have few projects to include in your CV.

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Mr.Muhammad Qasim 30 seats 1-months


Fundamental training that every person in the workplace needs, regardless of role, to be able to operate safely and healthily. Technical content to help people maintain and develop their expertise. Working safely is Course in any sector that will boost business performance and staff motivation.

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Mrs.Hijab Fatima 30 seats 2-months

Spoken English

English content designed to help students meet basic college entrance requirements.

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Certified Teachers

We have more 20+ certified teachers who supervised our students therouticly as well as practica

Syed Qasim Abbas (CEO)


certified in Civil Engineering.Specialistion in AutoCAD,2D,3D and articulture designs

Mr. M Nadeem

IT specialist

Certified IT teacher having 20+ years of experience in relevant field of AutoCAD and Information Technology.

Dolat Ali

Software Engineer

Certification in Computer Science.Specialistion in web-development,computer programming and Digital Marketing.

Mrs.Sobia Akhtar


Certification in English Lecture.Specialision in menagment and Accounting..

Any Question?

If you have any question related to our services please feel free to contact us.

Events and Seminars

We are arranging different saminars and events in all over Pakistan to infrom about upcoming techniques and technalogies.

26 feb 2019

Seminar at E-Library Rwp

Evulation Of Advances Technalogies in Pakistan.Informing students about Job oreanted and features courses In Pakistan.

26 feb 2019

Seminar at E-Library Rwp

Evulation Of Advances Technalogies in Pakistan.Informing students about Job oreanted and features courses In Pakistan..

26 feb 2019

Seminar at E-Library Rwp

Evulation Of Advances Technalogies in Pakistan.Informing students about Job oreanted and features courses In Pakistan..